The TenSquared program starts with  the premise that trust between managers and workers is both possible and critical for making progress on health and safety issues. RRI helps translate the shared interests of workers and managers into bold action and real results in 100 days. TenSquared has amassed strong results since its beginnings in 2012 in São Paolo, Brazil. In 2014, the program expanded to Turkey and in 2015 to China.

The program is a collaborative effort of the Rapid Results Institute (RRI) and Social Accountability International (SAI). We partner with organizations in the country of implementation to support 100-day projects in workplaces ranging from factories to call centers. TenSquared has been utilized in numerous industries including: Chemicals, Electronics, Packaging, Retail, Furniture, Papers & Printing, Sugar & Ethanol, Food & Beverage, Textile & Apparel, Financial Services, Toys, Customer Service, and Steel Production.

This work would not have been possible without the generous support of the Walt Disney Corporation. Disney funded the RRI/SAI partnership in Brazil and Turkey, and it opened participation in the program to all brands and organizations that shared its belief that workplace safety and health can best be achieved through trustful relationships and collaborative efforts between workers and managers.

Sample of 100-Day Results


  • By reducing accidents in the workplace, one company team decreased employee absenteeism by 60% and increased productivity 12% during peak production months.

  • By creating more effective methods for transporting chemicals, one company team reduced chemical exposure in the workplace by 70% and cut chemical costs by 10%.

  • By changing assembly line processes to prevent worker injury, one company team reduced absenteeism and saved the company up to $120,000 per year.

  • By building a ventilation system out of recycled materials, one company team reduced the ambient work temperature by 25°F and saved $12,000 from the cost of buying new ventilators.


  • Through improved risk assessments, increased worker-engagement, communication & training one team reduced limb trauma accidents by 50%

  • By engaging the entire workforce, launching an awareness campaign, and establishing a hotline one company saw a 500% increase in gas leak identification calls (previously 0% of workers reported gas leaks, leading to significant H & S risks and loss of money)

  • By identifying and correcting the root causes of accidents, one team was able to eliminate slip and fall accidents

  • By identifying evacuation hazards and improving evacuation procedures, one team was able to reduce evacuation time by 80%


  • By engaging the entire workforce, revising the emergency evacuation plan, launching an awareness campaign and conducting a series of trainings, one team reduced evacuation time of 1,266 workers from over 10 minutes to under 3 minutes.

  • By conducting an ergonomics risk assessment, adjusting work-spaces, adapting work procedures and conducting awareness seminars and training, one team was able to reduce ergonomic risks by 75% in 100 days.


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