Rapid Results Initiatives in the Government of Kenya (2003)

RRI helped launch a number of Rapid Results 100-Day Challenges initially focused on HIV/AIDS prevention and improving security in Nairobi. Working with the World Bank to introduce the Rapid Results Approach to the Ministry of Planning in Kenya, we conducted an orientation on the Rapid Results Approach in several ministries.

We selected 30 Kenyan consultants from among hundreds of applicants to be trained in the Rapid Results Approach. Ultimately, 10 were selected to continue the journey of supporting the Government of Kenya in integrating Rapid Results into their performance contracting and management process.


The Kenyan Government continued to use the coaches we trained for several years and Rapid Results Initiatives became a way of working in the government. The Kenyan Rapid Results team adapted the process to their own context, and built their own innovations around it.

Thousands of RRIs have been launched in Kenya since 2004, in practically every sector where government services have been targeted for improvement. The Government of Kenya has received international recognition and numerous awards for their focus on service delivery. In many cases, the use of the Rapid Results Approach has been specifically cited as the strategy at the core of the transformation of Kenya’s public sector performance and some of the most dramatic results were achieved in the Health sector.

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