Pension Reform in Iraq (2010)

The Rapid Results Institute worked with Iraq’s National Board of Pensions to help accelerate reform within the country’s pension system. 


The effort involved several waves of Rapid Results Initiatives. Over the course of three waves of RRIs, teams were able to reduce the number of days to issue a first payment to new pensioners from six months, to one day.  Another team was able to collect key salary and demographic information on almost 600,000 civil servants in 120 days - a 50% increase in the rate of collection.  The team then took the lessons learned from this effort and transformed them into a new process which led to 100% data collection in the two largest ministries within the Government of Iraq- a first in the history of the organization.

This was done by allowing teams to develop and act on their own ideas.  This freedom, coupled with greater accountability for results from their Senior Leaders, motivated staff to experiment and to work together in new ways.  Importantly, staff and managers reported that over the course of the successive waves of Rapid Results Initiatives, they experienced a cultural shift in the organization from one characterized by a strong hierarchy and centralized decision making to more flexibility, proactive behavior, and lateral collaboration.

RRI worked with Iraq’s National Board of Pensions and this work was sponsored by the World Bank.

For more information, see World Bank Briefing Note: Accelerating Reform within Iraq’s National Board of Pensions, and also pages 12-15 of the World Bank report on Improving Old-Age Income Security in Iraq.

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